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therapeutic techniques

Cognitive Therapies

Problem solving techniques based on analytical analysis of thoughts, feelings and behaviors through cognitive dialogue.  Includes Reality Therapy and Rational Emotive Therapy.

Reality Therapy/Choice Therapy

It is a technique that uses cognitive dialogue. Everything we do, our thoughts, feelings, behaviors, physiology, is a choice, therefore through realistic repatterning we can change our thoughts, feelings, behaviors to a more need satisfying fulfilling life.

  • Improves present relationships
  • Reduces, anxiety, stress, frustration
  • Regain control of our lives and make positive choices that are need affirming
  • Excellent technique for couples and teenagers

Rational Emotive Therapy (RET)

It is a cognitive psychology that focuses on internal control. It has two main aspects: It helps people overcome their cognitive-emotive-behavioural disturbances and helping them actively to seek and arrange for a fuller, happier and more self-actualizing existence. It is based on an A-->B-->C model of Adversity, Belief System and Consequences.  A x B = C After these three parts of the model are analyzed we then look at disputing the belief (D), examine the effect and the emotion (E), and we then examine the past feeling and the new feeling that has now arisen (F).

  • Manages stress and anxiety effectively
  • Helps maximize your individuality, freedom, self-interest, and self-control
  • Helps to enhance social connections with others in a positive loving manner
  • Reduces depression, worry and anger

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